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Rainbow Nursery
Paddingtons Room

Paddingtons 1.new Paddingtons 2.new Paddingtons 3.new 
                                          Age range 36 months to 42 months
In Paddington bears room the children are challenged with lots more activities for them to enjoy. Children become curious and a lot of their learning is led by themselves by asking questions and making suggestions for activities.
Children show interests in make believe, construction and games, which encourages social skills of sharing and co-operating with each other. In this room we have a large soft play area that is a firm favourite with the children. Children still need the comfort and security of special people. They create close and warm relationships with their carers.

They also become more independent and love to be part of caring for the nursery by doing little jobs to help the staff.

They begin to write and recognise their names, numbers, shapes, and colours.




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