8 Feb

Kite flying day!

Lets go fly a Kite!!
What a lovely way to spend some time outdoors! Lets make kites and enjoy the fresh air. If you do make any kites at home please share photos with us of you flying them high.

9 Feb

National pizza day

A day to celebrate a yummy filling and easy to make food. If you make your own pizza try new and exciting toppings!!

11 Feb

Make a friend day

What a lovely day to be kind and make a new friend.

13 Feb

Chinese new year

The year of the OX. To celebrate Chinese new year maybe you could make beautiful lanterns, make dragon masks or try some Chinese cuisine!!

17 Feb

Random act of kindness

What a lovely way to make someone’s day. You could make a beautiful card or maybe bake some cakes for someone special to make them smile.

28 Feb

National tooth fairy day

A good day to talk bout oral health. talk about foods that are good/bad for teeth and what can we do to keep teeth healthy.