Fozzie’s Room

Fozzies room is the first room of the upstairs area, it is know as the transition room where the children can get accustomed to the upstairs area and feel safe before they adventure into the larger rooms. The children now learn to experience the freedom of moving from room to room with a choice of different activities that are available for them to get involved in, it is now about the child’s choice. Routine and structure now becomes a part of the children’s day and learning continues. Fozzies room is full of small world recourses to build and construct, puzzles, a quiet area to sit and read a book or just relax to recharge their energy levels. Language is coming along well and sentences will now start to be developed. For the children who need an afternoon nap fozzies is the ideal place to nestle down in a warm and comfy environment.

The children are offered mattress beds, which are placed on the carpeted area of the room. Each child has a named bed bag for its bedding, all bedding is laundered at nursery. Soft music plays while the children settle down to sleep. The children sleep for as long as they require, a record of the sleep time is made on the children’s daily record and is given to the parents at the end of the day.

The staff continue to support the children who are potty training and will liaise with parents about the words that are used and how they are doing it at home so the child get a consistent experience of learning.