The Honey Pot

Many of our babies enter the nursery at 9 months where they are welcomed into The Hunny Pot. The staff are dedicated to their roles in nursery they deliver individual learning, development and care to give the babies the best possible start in life. Our priority is the safe care of the babies, we follow the babies routines so that their day at nursery will be familiar and comforting for them. The babies sleep as long and as often as they need to, inline with parents requested routine, during the nursery day. During Babies sleep time’s regular checks are made and recorded we promote and follow The Lullaby Trust Safe Sleep guidelines with sleeping children under the age of one in nursery. At a young age the smiles begin changing into cooing and gurgling to unrecognisable words. There is a lot of opportunities for sensory learning over the first year, babies begin to understand and welcome the familiarity of routines, they begin to recognise smells and sounds and begin to get involved in problem solving activities grabbing toys, shaking rattles and enjoying putting things in and out of bags and baskets babies physical development is very rapid, they quickly become mobile and as they grow they increase their skills in handling and manipulating items by the time they are ready to move to Roo’s room they have control of their whole body movements this is fun and exciting.