Paddington’s Room

Paddington bears room is the start of the preschool journey where the children get challenged with lots more activities for them to enjoy. They begin the phase one phonic programme which helps them to start to recognise sounds, brain gym is delivered throughout the nursery which encourages early writing skills this is now apparent as the children have preferred hand when using equipment. They can start to numbers, shapes, and colours.

Children become curious and themselves lead a lot of their learning by asking questions and making suggestions for activities. There is a large range of materials for the children to choose from when being creative in the artwork encouraging independence and imagination. Children still need the comfort and security of special people being around them they will openly talk about the parents and family life recalling what they have been doing at the weekends.

They create close and warm relationships with their carers and become more independent and love to be part of caring for the nursery by doing little jobs to help the staff.