Paddington’s Room

Paddington’s room

We understand by Paddington’s room that our children are excited and eager to show us who they are, what they know and what they can do. We help children to do all these things by providing lots of opportunities for active discussions and questioning time. Children learn how to be effective communicators in this time knowing to wait turns to speak and to listen to others. We model this through play activities always giving the children enough time to think and respond. Children in Paddington’s have usually made special relationships by the time they join the room and seek out peers to build and extend learning opportunities with.

Paddington’s children have the knowledge and ability to recall past events, talk about moments that have impacted their lives and day to day occurrences. We encourage this by having times throughout the day where they can talk in small groups and one to one with key workers enabling them to feel important and respected as communicators.  Children in Paddington’s are beginning to understand print and developing their phonological awareness.

In Paddington’s room the children are often keen mark makers and to encourage this there will be lots of gross and fine motor activities that continue to strengthen muscles and look at early writing skills such as write dance. Children will begin to master pencil control. We encourage early mathematical skills by providing opportunities to practise counting, exploring shapes, positional language and comparing in everyday activities and play.

In Paddington’s room children are loved and well cared for.  Their experience is always central to our thinking.  Staff are responsive to children; their learning is driven by their interests.  Children are supported to be powerful learners through play, by practitioners modelling, by observing, through adult led learning and child led learning.  The children have access to activities that promote executive function skills and self-regulation.  We work pro-actively with the children as part of our everyday routine to encourage good choices.

Children in Paddingtons room are becoming increasingly independent with their movement as they balance, ride scooters, kick balls, go up steps, climb, use large-muscle movements and more.

When the children leave Paddington’s room we hope that children are confident communicators, using complex sentences and asking questions.  We hope that children are beginning to have a good understanding of rules and actively make good choices. When leaving Paddington’s, it is hoped that children are being appropriately assertive and talking with others to solve conflicts whilst beginning to understand how they and others are feeling.