Pooh Bear’s Room

Pooh’s room offers a range of new opportunities to little ones. It is a cosy room where children can make strong bonds with their key workers and feel secure and supported during their time at nursery. Pooh’s room offers a large book area where children can sit alone, with peers or staff and enjoy their favourite stories. It is a place of comfort and enjoyment for all. This area is a great place to promote language development which is so important at this age. Storytime is enjoyed by all and is encouraged by staff members who will have set times to read to the group. They will also incorporate singing into this time and children soon learn familiar rhymes and actions which enables them to join in.
The toys in Pooh’s room are focused to enhance prime and specific areas of learning, the toys are fun and engaging for children of this age and promote shared play also. In addition to a varied selection of toys available, staff in Pooh’s room plan for exciting and usually very messy play which is loved by all.
In Pooh’s room the children are beginning to follow nursery routine however this is still flexible to the needs of the individual child and key workers will make sure they maintain good relationships with parents to ensure the best care is being given.