Pooh Bear’s Room

Pooh’s room

As key workers in Pooh’s room we know to make special key person bonds.  We understand how important it is to get to know the children’s likes and dislikes, favourite toys, and comforts.  Children in Poohs room are loved and well cared for, the child’s experience is always central to our thinking.  We know that children still need lots of sleep, care, and comfort.  We provide predictable routines to support children in feeling secure.  Activities to help boost vocabulary, including mathematical language, are ongoing throughout the day. We actively encourage children to seek out their key workers when in need of reassurance or comfort. Key workers spend as much time as possible playing alongside children and modelling building relationships with peers. We also begin to introduce short group times encouraging confidence in expressing themselves in a group.  We understand that children in Poohs are learning to be independent and sometimes become frustrated.  We talk about and name emotions, we practise self-regulation and executive function skills as part of our everyday routine.

Pooh’s children adore story time and have a book corner where a lot of time is spent by both children and adults enjoying stories which give opportunities for questioning and communication skills to develop. Children in Pooh’s are very inquisitive, and this is supported by adults who prompt the children to share thoughts and feelings throughout their day and play.  Learning is driven by their interests. We talk about the world around us and investigate the outdoor world.

The children from Pooh’s room are super energetic and love any opportunity to show their ever developing gross and fine motor skills.  We begin to introduce games that encourage exercise in fun ways such as sticky kids and ring games that also encourage listening and attention. When the Children are ready to leave Pooh’s room for their next big adventure, we hope they are keen to further their language and literacy skills, be imaginative and continue to be curious about the world around them.