Roo’s Room

In Roo’s room the toddlers have extra space to toddle turning into competent walkers Toddlers develop curiosity and are keen to explore and exercise new skills they begin to experiment with a wide range of movements and enjoy their surroundings. Staff provide new opportunities to the toddlers who have lots of fun in the sand and water, painting and messy play is enjoyed by them all. This is a relaxed, happy and flexible environment with lots of talking, singing and playful interactions with the toddlers. Communication is encouraged through shared play and experiences a few simple words will be learnt and with the help and support of the carers their vocabulary will expand quickly.

A warm cosy environment is created for rest and sleeps which is still important at this age.

The staff give encouragement and support which helps the toddlers grow emotionally so that they enjoy being part of the group, toddlers gain confidence and have fun during their development journey ready to move on to tiggers room.