Rupert’s Room

Ruperts room

Ruperts children are supported to become settled and confident into the upstairs routine and are usually ready for a little more focused time.  Children in Ruperts room are loved and cared for, the child’s experience is always central to our thinking.  We enjoy our time as key workers to gives us a real opportunity to get to know the children and to provide opportunities for them to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We help children extend the time they can focus attention and listening skills. Ruperts children are beginning to make special friendships and we have circle time to encourage children to build these special relationships. Group play is a great time for children to extend play with others and further their imaginative play. We encourage children to be independent in toileting in Ruperts and we promote effective hygiene routines so children can carry these out with little to no adult help.

Children in Ruperts room enjoy the company of others and want to play with them.  It is important to us for the children to mix with different age groups and access a wide variety of provision, so, we help children to show their individual interests by allowing them to choose which room and activities they would like to play with, children’s learning is driven by their interests.  We provide a structured routine that encourages children to build on their ability to shift from one task to another.  We encourage early mathematical skills by providing opportunities to practise counting, exploring shapes, positional language and comparing in everyday activities and play.

Ruperts children use their language as a powerful means to express themselves, their wants, and needs. We introduce new vocabulary every day and help children to understand it so they can use it to effectively extend their vocabulary and communication skills. We ask the children lots of open-ended questions and commenting throughout play, we encourage them to do the same, which helps children gain the skills they need to ask questions and gain deeper understanding. Children are given the opportunity to develop pretend play.

The children have access to activities that promote executive function skills and self-regulation.  We work pro-actively with the children as part of our everyday routine to encourage good choices.  We are good role models.  We consistently provide high-quality care.

We help children in Ruperts to understand the importance of exercise and how it helps our bodies to grow and be healthy. The children in Ruperts room are often eager to take part in fun exercise routines and are encouraged to confidently talk about their bodies. We challenge children with body games, action songs and dancing to find new ways of moving and controlling the movements. We encourage children to make marks using the correct grasp by providing triangular tools. Ruperts children sometimes give meaning to the marks they make, and we ask the children to be expressive about the art they create.

When the children leave Ruperts to join the preschool rooms we hope they are confident and clear communicators, can join in and offer thoughts and feelings in group times.  We hope they are resilient and can further develop their ability to think flexibly and regulate strong emotions.  We hope they are happy and excited to further their education.