Rupert’s Room

Children’s fine motor skills continue to develop, and they enjoy making marks. Staff recognise the importance of developing muscles both gross and fine to prepare them for letter formation and writing. In order to build these muscles staff, provide physical activities such as dough gym, yoga, write dance and sticky kids.
The children become very independent with self-help skills such as eating, dressing and toileting and gain a lot of self-esteem, staff make sure to praise them for their achievements. The role play area, which is a focal area in Ruperts, is ever changing with various topics and themes. It can change from an airport to a vets to a hairdressing shop all creating real life situations to stimulates the child’s knowledge of people, communities and understanding of the world we live in. Staff model imaginative play and encourage language skills through this play. The children in Ruperts have good understanding of what they like and what interests them, staff support this by observing their interests and offering toys and activities to further their play.