Tigger’s Room

Tigger Room

In Tiggers children are loved and well cared for the child’s experience is always central to our thinking.  Children in Tiggers are of an age where they are beginning to see themselves as a separate person, they are beginning to make decisions for themselves, this comes with the desire and need to push boundaries and managing big emotions can be quite challenging.  We support the children in finding ways to do this. The children have access to activities that promote executive function skills and self-regulation.  We work pro-actively with the children as part of our everyday routine to encourage good choices.  We are good role models. Children in Tiggers are beginning to be more and more interested in peers play so we encourage this by providing opportunities for joint play and modelling this effectively.

The Tiggers children are beginning to connect words and use familiar phrases to communicate with peers and staff alike. We repeat and extend what is said encouraging children to extend their vocabulary and learn new words, including mathematical language, we frequently encourage children to ask questions as well as building on their understanding by asking them questions.  We enjoy sharing books and use this opportunity to encourage paying attention and responding to the pictures of the words.  We create lots of imaginative role play experiences to encourage language development and take any opportunity to introduce both familiar and new songs which the children really enjoy.

Tiggers children are gaining more control of their bodies and to help home in on these we provide activities such as yoga, sticky kids, and lots of malleable play.  We encourage children to kick, run climb and jump in a safe environment that offers reasonable risk.  We are keen to help children build the muscles that are essential for them to hold and use writing tools confidently and competently.

As children leave Tiggers to explore the upstairs environment we hope they are better equipped to manage their emotions and confident to make friends and explore their environment.  We hope we have helped children to be resilient friendly, kind and have the skills needed to be good listeners and active participants in varying activities.