Tigger’s Room

In Tiggers room the children have lots of energy and growing strengths and skills, the children need lots of physical play alongside quiet times for activities. The room is designed to provide a safe and reassuring environment to encourage development of knowledge and understanding of their world.
Toys are offered that come apart and fit together, which encourage problem solving. Children are encouraged to have a go and praised for their achievements and successes. This age group love the garden and playing on the climbing frames which help develop their balance and movement, bikes and cars are a favourite again developing large motor skills and turn taking. At this age the children start to show interest in the early stages of role-play. Story time, singing and rhythm and rhyme is important in the development of language, the children have favourite stories and get very excited when they are read. The children develop new friends and learn how to cooperate with others. Staff work close with the parents at the time the child is ready to start potty training. The young children get to know themselves and achieve a sense of belonging. For the children who need an afternoon nap Tiggers is the ideal place to nestle down in a warm and comfy environment.
The children are offered mattress beds, which are placed on the carpeted area of the room.
The carers are still important to the children to provide security and comfort they work closely with the children to prepare them for transition to the upstairs rooms of the nursery.