Yogi’s Room

Yogis room

Within Yogi’s room we have the children who are getting ready to go to school. We know that starting school is a big step for our children so aim to support them wholly.  Giving them more independence and control of their play, more opportunity to make choices and decisions around mealtimes and caring for their own personal care needs all contributes to our children moving onto school ‘their’ school ready.

As the eldest within our nursery environment, we find that the Yogi’s take on the role as leaders within the upstairs environment showing the younger children how to access the activities and resources available. This is very much encouraged by staff members which in turn helps the children to feel trusted, confident, and valued members of the upstairs environment.

Children in Yogis are loved and cared for, the child’s experience is always central to our thinking.  Enabling environments encourage high-quality play and opportunities for children to become powerful learners.  We encourage children to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas and explore how to express these.  The children have access to activities that promote executive function skills and self-regulation.  We work pro-actively with the children as part of our everyday routine to encourage good choices.  We are good role models.  We regularly talk about feeling, both our own and others. We continue to provide opportunities for children to develop a good understanding of rules and actively make good choices. Children in Yogis are encouraged to be appropriately assertive and talking with others to solve conflicts whilst beginning to understand how they and others are feeling.  We consistently provide high-quality care.

The children in this room are acquiring all the skills needed to help them become independent in all aspects such as putting on own items of clothing and tackling zippers, buttons, and fastenings. Accessing the toilet independently and learning to care for their own personal hygiene needs such as face and hand washing. Pouring their own juice at mealtimes.  Applying (with support) their own sun cream. Children in Yogis room are given the opportunity to be the ‘helper’ during the day, giving each child the opportunity to have extra responsibility.  All these opportunities promote confidence building and independence and being patient for their turn.

We continue to support children with their language and communication.  Children are encouraged to join sentences and use future and past tense. We ask the children lots of open-ended questions and model more complex language, we encourage them to do the same, which helps children gain the skills they need to ask questions and gain deeper understanding.   Children are actively encouraged to develop their understanding of the concepts of print and continue to develop their phonological awareness in focused phonics times. We encourage early mathematical skills by providing opportunities to practise counting, exploring shapes, positional language and comparing in everyday activities and play.

Our aim for children leaving our setting and moving onto school if for them to be ‘their’ school ready.  How this looks will be very different for each child dependant on their stage of development.