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We are aware that there may be occasions when you cannot pick up your child. If we have not met your nominated person we will need identification prior to the pick up day. This may include a photograph, a description of the person, a password, a letter of permission or a security number.

Staff will not allow a child to be collected by a person whom they do not know. If any one other than the child’s parent or carer will be collecting the child we need to have your permission and the person will need to bring proof of identification.

When entering and leaving the nursery please ensure that the outside doors are securely closed behind you. The back garden gate must also be securely closed behind you when collecting children from the garden.

Please ensure that the stair gates are correctly and safely closed behind you. Parents are requested NOT TO ALLOW ENTRY TO ANYONE as they enter or leave the nursery.

Childcare Vouchers & Education Grant

All childcare vouchers are accepted payment methods at nursery. We also offer the 30 funded hours, so you can check your eligibility here:

For more information, please contact us directly with any further questions regarding how the 30 hours is offered at Rainbow Nursery.


It is the policy of the nursery to provide a secure and safe environment for all children. To ensure that children are never placed at risk while in the charge of the nursery staff, to revise staff awareness to child protection issues and procedures and ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Resources for Parents

Below are a few guides you may find useful:

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